On November 6 let’s vote to put schools and communities first.

  • Vote for our Families

  • Vote for our Communities

  • Vote for our Future

on Prop 5

Put Schools & Communities First

Proposition 5 is an attempt by the Realtors Association to pit our families and communities against each other across generations. A growing movement of community groups, teachers, firefighters, health care workers, seniors, housing and homelessness advocates, and local governments oppose Prop 5.

on Prop 10

Protect Renters

Everyone should have a safe, healthy and affordable place to call home. However, corporate landlords are pushing working-class families out of our cities, out of our state, or onto our streets. Prop 10 will restore the right of our local communities to decide how to protect renters in ways that make sense for our own neighborhoods.

California State Ballot Propositions Cheat Sheet

Prop 1: Affordable Housing Bond. Allows the state to borrow $4 billion to build or renovate affordable housing for low-income Californians including seniors, veterans, and farmworkers.

Prop 2: Housing the Homeless Bond. Allows the state to borrow $2 billion to build or renovate housing for Californians living with mental illness who are homeless.

Prop 3: Safe Water Bond. Allows the state to borrow $8.8 billion to fund water and environmental projects.

Prop 4: Children’s Hospital Bond. Allows the state to borrow $1.5 billion to construct, expand, renovate, and equip children’s hospitals.

Prop 5: Tax Giveaway for Wealthy People Over 55. Eliminates $1 billion a year in funding for schools, cities, and counties by allowing property owners over 55 to transfer their current property tax discount when they purchase and move to a more expensive home in another county.

Prop 6: Cuts to Road Repair and Transportation Funding. Overturns 2017 transportation funding law, eliminating $5 billion a year in funding for local road repairs, state highways, and public transit. Prevents legislators from raising revenue from gas taxes and vehicle fees.

Prop 7: Daylight Savings Time. Gives the state legislature the ability to adopt permanent daylight savings time with a two-thirds vote, but only if Congress approves. Implementation of this measure requires future actions by the Legislature and the federal government.

Prop 8: Safeguards Access to Dialysis and Regulates Pricing. Limits amount outpatient dialysis clinics may charge for patient care and prohibits clinics from refusing to treat patients based on how they pay.

Prop 10: Expands Right to Pass Local Rent Control. Repeals state law that limits the ability of cities and counties to pass local rent control laws on single-families homes and apartments built after 1995.

Prop 11: Elimination of Ambulance Worker Break Rules. Eliminates labor laws that give private-sector emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics an uninterrupted meal and rest break.

Prop 12: Farm Animal Confinement. Requires that all eggs sold in the state be cage-free and that all pork and veal sold in the state be produced without restrictive crates.

Who We Are

MVP is an unprecedented collaboration of California’s strongest community-based networks organizing to expand California’s electorate. We are uniting all of California – low income families, parents, young people, Black, Latino and Asian Pacific Islander communities, immigrants and refugees, people of faith, and the formerly incarcerated – to build our political power as the new California majority.

Get Involved

By voting together, we can win policy changes that lift us all up by rebuilding our neighborhoods, supporting our families, and restoring the promise of opportunity. By 2020, MVP will unite and mobilize 1 million voters to assert a new direction for our state and country. Join us.